Time teaches, man innovates

A modern wine that comes from an ancient knowledge.

The “scelti” (the choosen ones)

A selection of prime and intact bunches only, coming from the best vineyard and picked one by one. But let’s start from the beginning, once again everything comes from the land.

grappolo uva

Our land

Our vineyards are located in the Calappiano, in the heart of Tuscany on the hills between Vinci and Florence, where most of our selections are produced. The calcareus-marly soil mixed with clave schists and sand largely contributes to give full body and great aromatic intensity to this wine.

Our fruits

Perfectly ripe grapes, carefully selected and harvested by hand are stored in cases to reach the “fruttaia” (the drying room). Grapes are carefully selected and harvested by hand and then stored in special containers as to ensure they get the “fruttaia” intact.

Silence please, Time is speaking

In the silence of the “fruttaia”, air and light caress grapes day by day and accompany them towards drying. After being trimmed one by one, bunches are hung on chains in the “fruttaia”. Here they are drying according to the traditional method. Temperature, relative humidity and air are constantly checked and modulated by natural air flow and with the help of technology.

Vine stories

very grape variety tells a story, each fruit discloses its aroma, each grape reveals its perfume and the most authentic Tuscan shows itself to senses. Grapes have been chosen for their characteristics in order to give wine the typical perfumes and aromas of the “Governo” practice as per the Tuscan tradition.

Nothing is left to chance

The natural drying process in the “fruttaia” is modulated with high devotion so that grapes can disclose absolute unique phenolic substances and aromas. A wonderful adventure made of technique and experimentation, creativity and intuition, a typically Tuscan feature, that results in an exclusive wine. Governato comes from the will of recovering the ancient method of the “governo toscano” by giving the utmost attention to the natural grape dehydration and to the aging techniques in order to get a modern wine with an unmistakable profile.

Rest begins

Finally, wine gets its well-deserved rest. Cherished by the perfume of the French oak, wine receives all its essence. Dried grapes are used, after pressing, to activate a second fermentation of the original grape must (“governo toscano”).


Like the Etruscans

Before awakening, one last step; the transfer into terracotta jars, as the Etruscans did, to refine its distinguishing character. The rest continues partially into big terracotta jars that have been made on purpose for this project by recovering and evolving the ancient Etruscan tradition.

His Excellency the “governo” as per the Tuscan tradition

Governato, the pure Tuscan wine, red by passion, a perfect synthesis of tradition and research.