The elegance of Tuscany

Elegance, for us, is not just a concept but a way of being. It is a true lifestyle; it is that typically Tuscan culture of goodness and beauty. The innate ability to know beauty that we express in the excellence of our wines and in the authenticity of our behaviors. These are our values that make us proud to be the ambassadors of Tuscan elegance in the world.


Sensi, a family of Tuscan wine-makers since 1890

The history of our family began in 1890, with Pietro Sensi who, with humility and great dedication, began producing wine for the local market. Over the decades the company grew steadily by extending the vineyards, expanding the wineries and opening new markets, first in Tuscany and then in the rest of Italy. At the beginning of the nineties, Massimo, Marco and Roberta Sensi, young, far-sighted and raised among the vineyards, joined the company and drove a significant change in quality through the deep renovation of the family’s vineyards, major innovations in the wineries and the expansion on international markets. Lorenzo Landi, a wine expert of unquestionable ability, perfectly in line with the spirit of the company, also contributed to the growth of the quality and reputation of the Sensi wines. Now, the quality of our wines is rewarded by consumers and professionals around the world who recognize in our brand consistency of values, sincere passion and the taste of an authentic Tuscany.

Pietro Sensi establishes the family business

Sensi Vini is born in the heart of Tuscany on the hills between Vinci and Florence, lands suited to the cultivation of vines.


From Montalbano to the rest of Tuscany

The company has grown and thanks to the sons Vittorio and Armido, the wine of Fratelli Sensi is on the table of many Tuscan homes.


The origins of the Sensi brand

The Montalbano wine, in its distinctive straw-wrapped flasks is branded with the first Sensi Vini label and the company begins to build its own brand identity.


From Tuscany to the rest of Italy

Vittorio’s sons, Pietrino and Giovanni, look to expand the company from a regional to a domestic market.


Our Chianti arrives in France!

Sensi begins to export its Chianti to France. The distinguishing straw-wrapped flasks spread the name of the company beyond the national borders.


The family vineyards grow

The ``Tenuta del Poggio`` is born on the hills of Montalbano and its Chianti becomes a best seller in many regions of central and northern Italy.


New growth prospects

The brand is well positioned in the domestic market and Pietrino's sons, Massimo and Marco, join the company with the aim of making it known abroad and producing new varietals of wines.


The Fattoria di Calappiano in the lands of Leonardo da Vinci

Sensi acquires the Fattoria di Calappiano. This historic farmhouse dating back to fifth century and that belonged to the de' Medici family, with its 65 hectares of vineyards has increased the production capacity of the company.


It’s Germany's turn

The authentic taste of Sensi wines conquers the selective German market.


The vineyard quality improves

A big replanting of the vineyards begins which, aimed at quality, includes the introduction of valuable clones and native grapes.


Finally in the USA!

Sensi wines are introduced to the American consumers who quickly appreciate the elegance and the quality of the great wines of Tuscany.


Sensi‘s Chianti is the best seller in the world

The connoisseurs of Chianti make Sensi’s distinctive wine number one in the world for bottles sold.


Certified quality

Roberta, Giovanni's daughter, joins the company to guarantee the compliance of processes and products with the requirements necessary for the numerous certifications required by the most demanding markets.


Japan falls in love with the elegance of Sensi’s wines

The Japanese adventure begins and Sensi captivates its consumers with the refinement of its wines.


Sensi’s wines arrive on the Australian coasts

Another continent, another market, a new challenge in the 4th larger wine producer in the world.


18K The name of luxury

From the desire to blend the high quality of our bubbles with the creativeness of Made in Italy, an exclusive brand is born from taste, charm and prestige, destined to seduce lovers of a refined lifestyle.


Sensi goes green

Sensi decides to convert 100% of its production to organic farming so that growth and sustainability can naturally coexist with respect for the environment and for the protection of future generations.


18K is the best-selling Prosecco in Australia

Another important milestone for 18K Prosecco Sensi, that in just three years, has become Australia's sales leader.


Sensi 18k crowned as the best Prosecco

Luca Maroni, a well-known Italian enologist, recognizes 18K as the best Prosecco in the Yearbook of the best Italian wines.


In the elite of Italian wineries

Sensi becomes a member of the Bolgheri Wines Consortium, one of the most elite names that brings together the best Italian wine producers.


2021…to be continued


A land of vines

Tuscany, with 54,000 hectares of vineyards, 30% of which are organic, is one of the leading regions in the production of DOC wines among the most famous in the world. It is in this area that we specifically located our production network in addition to the 80 hectares of organic vineyards we cultivate on our family farm in the hills between Vinci and Florence. Tuscan vineyards are added to the others located in the Italian territories most suited for wine growing. From North to South, our agronomists and wine experts carefully supervise the vineyard and winery to guarantee constant product quality over time. Great teamwork to bring the excellence of Italian vine-growing to the tables, all over the world.


The knowledge of traditional meets technological innovation

Thoughts and actions come together in respectful balance in the brand-new winery of Lamporecchio. An area of over 5,000 square meters for storage, wine-making and bottling in addition to other facilities, located in the territories of origin, for the production of some specific labels. The family’s wine expert. Lorenzo Landi, supervises with great skills and care the production of all Sensi wines. Each production process is managed and constantly monitored using the most innovative technologies in order to guarantee the consumer an organoleptically impeccable product of consistent quality over time.

Persone che brindano

We cultivate relations with the same care we cultivate our grapes

Thanks to a long and constant process of meetings, travel and research, Sensi wines are now present in the major markets all over the world. The wish to make our wines known globally pushes us to always look for new collaborations where the human and professional conditions exist to repeat the success achieved in our historic markets. In addition to quality, consistency, productivity, cost and appearance of the product, the understanding of each other’s needs and targets and a close and fair relationship are the real strength we believe necessary to develop our brand at a national and international level. A basic principle for us is the start of everything: cultivating relationships with the same care we cultivate our grapes to obtain the best harvest possible.


In vino veritas

Wine, as we all know, makes people talk, but when it is of great quality it speaks for itself and its land. It tells about the passion and hard work, the earth and the sky, the sensibility and perseverance of the people. With total sincerity, it expresses vices and virtues. We are firmly aware of the quality of our work, which is also confirmed by the competent opinion of our clients and by the fundamental opinion of consumers. For this reason, we constantly submit our wines to the professional opinion of the specialized press and strict international competitions. We accept the challenge because a comparison is necessary to maintain high quality and to reach greater goals. And the results we achieve globally reward us.

Love the people around you and respect those who came before you: each one contributed to grow a tradition.


Certified and guaranteed quality

Our company has been always pursuing a growth model based on respect for the environment and the safeguard of consumers’ health. In recent years, we dedicated significant resources to the certification of production sustainability by adopting specific corporate and environmental management systems with particular attention to greenhouse gas emissions. Today Sensi is a certified organic and vegan production company. In our vineyards we produce organic grapes cultivated without the use of synthetic chemical substances and without the use of genetically modified organisms. In the winery, the wine is made by using only certified organic and vegan products. The supervision of major certifying agencies confirms the production ethics that have been characterizing the history of the Sensi wines since 1890.

BRC Food Certificate Grade «A+»
IFS Food Certificate «Higher Level»
ISO FSSC 22000
ISO 9001:2015 Quality System Certification
Organic agriculture certification
Vegan quality certification


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