18K Sensi luxury wines

Welcome to 18K, the world of Sensi sparkling wines. An exclusive world full of taste, charm, and prestige. Dedicated to those who appreciate the unique and sparkling Italian lifestyle.

Welcome red carpet

Precious to be remembered. Different to be inimitable. A new splendor. The one where elegance stands out, originality is spontaneous. The one you immediately recognize from the precious details. 18K, the bubbles that make fashion.

Welcome to first class

Let yourself be embraced by history and discover the charm of a fine tradition. Let yourself be seduced by an exclusive lifestyle and enjoy its privileges. Experience the magic of beauty and indulge in a unique experience. Welcome to first class. Relax and enjoy 18K Sensi luxury wines.

Welcome to vogue

Welcome to preciousness

18K is an exclusive line of sparkling wines that expresses the preciousness of gold in its name, the refinement of Italian luxury in its packaging, and the love of excellence in its content. All these values are collected today under a single name that has become iconic in the world of sparkling wines: 18K, the name of luxury.

Welcome to our lifestyle

You are what you drink. 18K brilliantly interprets the glamour of the contemporary lifestyle by enhancing its values of elegance and prestige. An exuberant look for a strong personality, ideal for celebrating the most important moments in life. 18K is the inimitable symbol of the Italian way of being.

Welcome to beauty

Beauty is a mood that is reflected in our way of living. Our view on things, the intensity with which we express our life and share its most exclusive moments. 18K is the mirror of our most beautiful emotions.

Welcome to originality

Choosing 18K means affirming your personality. A decision that speaks of care for content and shape. Far from being commonplace but immersed in style. 18K is as unique as you are.

Welcome to your world

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