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18K Prosecco Pas Dosé

Prosecco DOC Pas Dosé

18K Prosecco Pas Dosé Velvet Edition is the new stylistic and organoleptic frontier of Sensi 18K Luxury bubbles. The sparkling style of this world-renowned brand is elevated to a higher level, thanks to Glera and Pinot grapes expressiveness which is extracted in all its natural purity through the use of a longer brut nature Charmat method. 18K Prosecco Pas Dosé Velvet Edition sets new standards of excellence for 18K Sensi bubbles, confirming the unrivaled class of this line.

An exciting taste experience.
The fine, creamy perlage of 18K Prosecco Pas Dosé Velvet Edition brings with it harmonious fragrances of fruit and delicate hints of herbs that reveal themselves on the palate in all their dynamic and snappy freshness. A wine with an unmistakable personality which exclusive sensations accompany you in an emotionally-rich taste experience.

Wine data sheet

85% Glera, 15% Pinot Noir

Production area
Prosecco DOC

150-200 m a.s.l.

Type of soil
Lands that extend mainly on the hills of Treviso up to the Valdobbiadene area. Medium-textured soil, marly-calcareous, with clayey schists rich in fossils and organic substances with neutral-alkaline pH.

11.5 % vol.

Pressing of whole bunches and white vinification with particular attention to oxidation and to the degree of clarification of the must for the production of the base wine. The fermentation of the base wine is carried out at a controlled temperature of 14-16 °C with selected yeasts for about 15 days and it is followed by a refinement on fine lees.
A subsequent second fermentation takes place in autoclave with the Charmat method, using selected yeasts, at a controlled temperature of 17 ° C which is followed by and aging process on fine lees for at least 2 months.

In steel with Batonnage on fine lees.

Tasting notes
Brilliant straw yellow color. The nose is clean and elegant with pleasant sensations of fruit, bread crust, pears and apples and aromatic herbs. In the mouth it has verve and freshness, fine bubbles and good structure. It closes long, fruity and enveloping.

Food pairings
Fish tartare, shellfish, shrimp tempura.

0,75 l

Awards and recognitions

The Drink Business / The Prosecco Masters 2023

Silver Medal

18K Prosecco Pas Dosé 2021

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