Sensi Collezione Toscana Chardonnay


A fine collection of wines that expresses the charming elegance of each variety: a new Italian drinking style.

Italian Style is not only fashion and design but above all an Italian way of living and being together. People and worlds that meet and speak a common sensory language, linked by a flow that joins together all of Italy: wine.
Collezione is an accurate collection of wines from the great Italian wine tradition and variety that perfectly matches contemporary lifestyles. An exciting journey through typical Italian wines to experience the pleasure of being together.



A symphony of flavors and culture between tradition and new products of excellence

Among the most renowned Italian regions, Tuscany is famous throughout the world for its great red wines. Sangiovese is a paradigmatic vine, the pinnacle of excellence, cultivated throughout the region with exceptional results in its various terroirs thanks to its variety of soil and climate. The Chianti area, Montalcino, Montepulciano, and Maremma are just some of the most suited areas of the region where red grapes prevail and where excellent wines based on Vermentino and Chardonnay are also produced.


Border traditions for an international pleasure

The white wine region par excellence, Friuli is famous for its autochthonous grapes capable of producing great white wines appreciated for their elegance and finesse. Friulano, Ribolla Gialla, Pinot Grigio are the most popular vines, cultivated in the most suitable areas of the region, often at high altitudes characterized by major temperature fluctuations capable of bestowing “verticality” and freshness to the wines produced.


Authentic nature and pristine flavors

Vine growing in Abruzzo has a very ancient tradition, many Greek and Latin poets and writers praised the wine of this region in their works, first among all Ovid, a native of the region. In the last few years, after a lesser period, Abruzzo regained its high-quality fame and today the main vine of the region, Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, provides great wines with strong character.


Slow rhythms for a triumph of ancient aromas

A land of full bodied and structured red wines despite its seaside location, Apulia is experiencing a great wine-making rebirth. There are many high-quality vines here, first of all Negramaro and Primitivo, full bodied and enveloping red wines which represent the flagship of the region. Primitivo, cultivated in many areas of the region, finds its best area in the land of Manduria. Today, the region conquered the podium also for its intense and elegant rose wines, to be drunk in the warm summer evenings in front of the sea of Salento.


Culture and flavors in the heart of the Mediterranean

Sicily is the great island of Italian wine, generous and rich in tradition. Vines are cultivated in every corner of the island and now that production is finally based on quality rather than quantity. Exploring the vine-growing tradition of the island is a must. From historical vines such as Nero d’Avola to the volcanic Nerello, Frappato al Perricone, Pantelleria Zibibbo and Malvasia delle Lipari, there is a entire world to discover.


A selection of the most classic labels to taste true Italian excellence.

Sensi, thanks to the experience gained in over 130 years in business, created a large production network in the Italian areas most suited to wine growing. From North to South, our agronomists and wine experts carefully supervise the vineyard and winery to guarantee constant product quality over time. Great teamwork to bring the excellence of Italian vine-growing to the tables, all over the world.

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