Sensi Chianti fiaschi

Chianti, a family passion

The wine-making history of our family is intimately linked to Chianti, the iconic wine of Tuscany. We always innovate while respecting tradition and with a natural talent that allowed our brand to establish itself in markets all over the world. We built our identity on this wine and our reputation on consistency, and this is why today Sensi is synonym of Chianti.


Chianti wines

Sensi, with its Chianti wines featuring their distinct personality and characteristic elegance, embodies the most representative labels of Tuscany.

The lands of Chianti

In Tuscany there are 54,000 hectares of vineyards, 25,500 of which are dedicated to the production of the most representative wine of the region and one of the most famous labels in the world: Chianti. In our family farm, in the hills of Chianti Montalbano, we cultivate 80 hectares of vineyards according to organic methods but our production network is also located in the most important production sub-zones.

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