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Sensi Vini presents Violoc: an innovative project for a new Winemaking Era

Hello, everyone!
After the summer break, we are back in business with lots of news and today we wish to share with you information on our VIOLoC project that sees us involved in an important collaboration for research and experimentation in the winemaking field. You will find information about the new project here and we are pleased to share with you the video recorded during the presentation.

Happy September to all!
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VIOLoC, a revolutionary project for high-precision wine-making.

A new winemaking project created to radically change the world of analytics in the winemaking process is now underway. Presented on July 15, 2021, the VIOLoC project starts today thanks to the collaboration with important parties such as the University of Pisa, the National Research Council and the University of Tuscia.

The VIOLoC project (Wine and Oil 4.0 Analysis: development of an On-Chip Lab with remote connectivity) was born from the will to simplify and optimize the processes used in the production of wine and olive oil, two of the food excellences of our country, using new technologies and artificial intelligence to the benefit of agriculture and the environment.

But how? The technological innovation in the winemaking process is entrusted to a compact, portable yet very powerful device, an electrical bio-sensor that can be integrated in winemaking or milling equipment, an acoustic nano-resonator extremely functional in the analysis of polyphenols.
In the case of wine, in addition to the manufacturing of the device to follow in real-time the process of maceration and to quickly carry out the laboratory analysis, the VIOLoC project will develop a connectivity device, so that the electrical signals from the winery can “travel” (via cloud), be processed and transformed into numbers by AI (artificial intelligence) and return as numbers in a few minutes to the winery. This will improve logistics for lab analysis operators avoiding the continuous transfer between winery and lab of the collected samples of grapes, musts, wines, and even oils. In short, THE NUMBERS WILL TRAVEL and NOT THE BOTTLES.

Analytics optimization in the wine-growing and winemaking sectors, as well as in the olive oil one in a highly competitive market, is a crucial point to achieve greater control of the production process and consequent higher quality of the final product,” says Fabio Mencarelli, Oenology Professor at the University of Pisa, highlighting the strengths of the project in the high-precision wine-making sector. “Our project is part of this framework in the interest of producers and consumers. The impact that VIOLoC will certainly have will lead to a guarantee of final product quality, thanks to the optimization of operational choices both in the field (harvesting) and in the cellar (maturation/aging). This will also apply to the oil mill. In addition, the environmental impact will be less compared to traditional analytics because there will be a limited use of reagents for chemical analysis and less transportation of samples,” Mencarelli says, pointing out the potential of the project. Quality, environmental respect and experimentation are topics very dear to Massimo Sensi, Marketing Director of Sensi Vigne e Vini, and a partner in the project, who enthusiastically tells of his involvement and support offered to the University with collaboration in the winery and in the lab for the analysis and verification of the various experiments carried out.

“I find that the project can make the entire production process more efficient and will allow us to monitor phenolic maturations even more accurately timewise and, in terms of experimentation, to monitor and give value to native grapes such as Ciliegiolo, Pugnitello and Sangiovese, whose behavior is of interest to us for future developments with increasingly unique and fine wines.”

Presentation of the project at Fattoria di Calappiano:

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