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``We renew tradition, we celebrate history, we evolve technique``



Four intense days to fully experience the Sensi Wines world. A lot of news and previews have been shared with the people attending the exhibition. During the event, we have recounted our history and our character by means of the products offered for tasting; from the most ancient wine-making methods to the use of the most advanced technologies, always respecting the ground, and paying special attention to aesthetics and to the world of glamour.

There have been so many news in the trade fair: let’s begin with the first characteristics that makes us stand out: we renew tradition. For this reason, we have decided to present the wines from Fattoria di Calappiano; this Farmhouse is owned by the Sensi Family, and it is currently made up of around 200 hectares including vineyards, olive yards and forest, and it is protected by the authorities as natural environment for the reproduction of local fauna. It is located in Vinci, in the Montalbano territory, in the lands where the great Leonardo da Vinci was born, which represents one of the historical-architectural treasures of the Medici family from Florence. The Farmhouse is a first-class laboratory where the indigenous and innovative wines of the territory are produced, under the supervision of oenologist Lorenzo Landi. The newcomers offered for tasting have been Chianti Docg Vinciano, Chianti Docg Vinciano Riserva, Lungarno Igt and, in exclusive for Vinitaly, Collegonzi 2015, Sangiovese Igt Toscana, which has met with great success among the journalists who were invited to taste it in preview.

During the extremely crowded event in Verona, we have Celebrated our history with a full display window dedicated to the Anniversary Edition, the Sangiovese wine produced at the heart of Tuscany, on the hills between Vinci and Florence; this is the bottle that celebrates the 125° anniversary of the foundation of our Company, an interpretation in up-to-date, elegant style of the traditional Tuscan bottle, which is so much cherished by our overseas customers and even more in Italy.

Another unquestionable protagonist has been Governato, as proof of our willingness to evolve and experiment. A special, juicy, pleasant wine that is produced by using the Governo Toscano technique, an ancient technique that has been passed down up to these days, and which has currently been improved thanks to the aid of new technologies that are able to monitor grape dehydration and to manage the loss of water of the berry. The name evokes both the practice with which it is produced and the capacity to “tame” the grape from which it comes. It has been created thanks to the collaboration with the Tuscia University and to Prof. Fabio Mencarelli, the greatest international expert in grape dehydration technology for wine production.

A VIP area dedicated to 18K, which is always much attended by our most distant customers, has been the stage for so many toasts and smiles, because at Vinitaly we work a lot, but… we also have fun. This is the reason why Sensi has decided to dedicate an area to its sparkling line, which looks with bright eyes at the world of glamour and rock, with its exuberant packaging, so as never to go unnoticed.

We have also increased our attention to production and to the respect for the territory, which have always characterised our company and are confirmed by our entrance in the prestigious Consortium for the Protection of Wines of Bolgheri Doc with our Bolgheri Rosso Doc Sabbiato, which is produced in the vineyards around the Bolgheri Castle, where – thanks to nearness of the sea and to the sandy soil, ideal weather conditions are created in order to exalt the combination of this extraordinary blend of grapes.

Last but not least, our motto: Future is green! Among the large number of news present in Vinitaly 2018, we have not forgotten to talk about our commitment to ethical agriculture, to the respect for the soil, to our wellbeing, and to the wellbeing of our children. There have been a lot of guests invited to taste our fully green line, from production to packaging: Vegante, a vegan, biological Chianti superiore Docg, which goes back to tradition with a blend of Sangiovese and Malvasia bianca; Chianti Campoluce Docg, which is biological and certified; and Ninfato Igt Sangiovese without added sulphites, which takes its romantic name from a rare butterfly spread over the Tyrrhenian-Tuscan coast: “Ninfa del Corbezzolo” or “drunk butterfly” because of its habit to fly through vineyards to suck the delicious sweet grapes.

With so much to tell and so much to discover, Massimo Sensi and all the staff from Sensi Wines have received their guests as if they were at their own home, in order to recount and share all the “senses” of the company, hoping that you can tell the story or stories that have touched you the most: to your nose, to your palate, to your heart.

Sensi dopo Vinitaly 2018

Montalbano Lands between fossils and patrons of art

Hills that frame a piece of Tuscany famous all over the world, consisting of vineyards, olive yards, forests and Etruscan ruins; this is the Montalbano area, where Leonardo da Vinci used to stroll in the past. The area is located among the provinces of Florence, Prato and Pistoia. In the past, between the 16th and the 17th century, its territory was wide; it was a game reserve owned by the Medici family.

Thanks to the cultivation of vine and olive, the landscape recalls an ordered “farmland-garden”, typical of the Tuscan landscape. The grapes that are grown are the autochthonous grapes from the Chianti area: Sangiovese, Canaiolo, Malvasia bianca and Trebbiano; a ground hit by continental weather softened by the Mediterranean Sea influence. It was precisely on these hills where Leonardo da Vinci’s genius was born. In Codex Leicester, da Vince wrote that he had found near the village some shell fossils (which he called “nichi”); this was due to the passage of the Arno river, which was sometimes vortical, “as it is shown in the opening of Colle Gonzoli, deriving from the Arno river, …in the opening of which… some bluish mud nichi can be seen”. In fact, the region is also nicknamed Greti (Italian word meaning pebbly river bank) precisely because of the nature of its ground, which is characterised by clayey soil and by rests of marshy shells, which constitute important characteristics for quality wine.

Collegonzi is geographically located in the Montalbano territory, more precisely, in the lands of Fattoria di Calappiano, in Vinci. Thanks to the Sensi family, this is a first-class place where great wines are produced and where the Sangiovese wine expresses itself with great elegance and character.

Collegonzi had the privilege to house the “Lega di Collegonzi”, a real civic and administrative community with borderland church and with its own statutes. It is told that in the past there used to be a bank that lent money to whoever wanted to invest in the territory and in local craft. Thanks to this, a lot of farms that made the territory excel due to grape and olive growing were financed.

This is the story from which our “Collegonzi” wine was born: the label – with decorum – shows a casket that is opened with the Collegonzi key in order to give money to those who want become rich by investing in the territory; but more artistic observers, like Leonardo, can make out a shell that recalls what the subsoil hides.

Sensi Vini Collegonzi depliant

Collegonzi 2015

Toscana IGT Sangiovese

Produced from a selection of the best grapes grown on a hilly area made up of arenaceous, calcareous-marly substrata and with sandy shales rich in marine fossils and cobble. Maturation in large cask for 12-14 months.

From 100% Sangiovese grapes. Transparent and bright ruby. For the nose, it begins with an elegant bouquet of small crispy berries, fine spices, light smoky sensations and floral notes. In the mouth, it is plain, agile and fresh, juicy and full-bodied, with long persistence of spices, berries and light smoky notes.


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