In vino veritas

Wine, as we all know, makes people talk, but when it is of great quality it speaks for itself and its land. It tells about the passion and hard work, the earth and the sky, the sensibility and perseverance of the people. With total sincerity, it expresses vices and virtues. We are firmly aware of the quality of our work, which is also confirmed by the competent opinion of our clients and by the fundamental opinion of consumers. For this reason, we constantly submit our wines to the professional opinion of the specialized press and strict international competitions. We accept the challenge because a comparison is necessary to maintain high quality and to reach greater goals. And the results we achieve globally reward us.

Vinciano 2022

Chianti DOCG

The DB & SB Spring Blind Tasting


Bronze Medal

Vinciano 2022

Chianti DOCG

The Drinks Business / Sangiovese Master


Silver Medal


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