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Awards: International Wine Challenge and Annuario dei Migliori Vini Italiani

In the month of September Sensi Vini has won many awards. Numerous prizes have been awarded by the important Australia International Wine Challenge:
● Best Old World White Wine > Pinot Grigio delle Collezione 2018
● Silver Medal > Pinot Grigio Collezione 2018
● Bronze Medal > Mantello Sangiovese Shiraz 2017
● Bronze Medal > Edizione Anniversario Sangiovese 2016

Come ogni anno arrivano anche i punteggi delle degustazioni di Luca Maroni per l’Annuario dei Migliori Vini Italiani che uscirà a breve ma i cui punteggi sono online in anteprima sul portale. Anche per quest’edizione i nostri vini raggiungono le vette dell’eccellenza:
● Mantello 2017 > 98 Points
● Governato 2018 > 96 Points
● Testardo 2017 > 95 Points
● Forziere Chianti Classico Riserva 2016 > 94 Points
● Chianti Dalcampo Docg 2018 > 95 Points
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Sensi d’Arte at the Art Gallery Bel-Air Fine Art of Forte dei Marmi

The bond between Sensi and art continues with the format Sensi d’Arte which promotes and embraces the art of great contemporary artists. This summer the line 18 k and the rosé Sensi have accompanied the exhibition “Parole in Opera” of the master artist Marco Nereo Rotelli. It is an anthology of his works, a collection which involves various art disciplines in a continuous search for light, matter and poetic language. Our wines have matched Rotelli’s works, which truly was “art pairing”. But can a painting be paired with a bottle, a sculpture with a grapevine? The pairing between the bubbles 18K, the company’s glamour line, and the works of the master artist Rotelli at the Gallery Bel-Air Fine Art of Forte dei Marmi, seem to confirm this.

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“We believe that art, in all its forms, is richness and culture should be sponsored , circulated and protected. The Sensi family has decided to approach this incredible world, having always loved every one of its facets and modes of expression, believing that also “winemaking” is an art form”.

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Future events

Among the future events there are two wonderful ones, in Milan and Rome. We begin on the 19th of September in Milan within the event Lux Lucis (for press information and invitation write to during which, in an amazing secret garden, the FW 19-20 collections of Luce Studio, Gala Rotelli and The Pump Factory Milan will be presented paired with our 18 k Gold.

On the 21st of October it will instead be the turn of the Radisson Hotel in Rome for Rooftop in Rome, a dinner with, an exceptional dinner which will be our joint effort with the starred chef Mauro Buffo of the restaurant 12 Apostoli of Verona who, on this occasion, will pair the Sensi wines with his dishes (for info

Chianti Dalcampo fiasco

Dalcampo Fiasco


A symbol of Tuscan tradition, the straw-wrapped Chianti wine bottle remains a romantic icon and is typical of its wines. At times that tradition has been innovated through more modern lines, such as for Sensi’s Edizione Anniversario, while it retains its retro charm in the Fiasco Dal Campo version. A romantic charm which takes us back to its origins, in Tuscany, in the fourteenth century, when the straw-wrapped bottle became the wine container which was always on the table in the homes and a true symbol of Tuscan wine. This bottle is still very popular and makes Tuscany and Chianti instantly recognisable worldwide.

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