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Sensi’s Prosecco 18K is in the list of the top fifteen most popular Prosecco brands of 2017 as reported by Wine-Searcher according to the search frequency on the Internet. The list published by comments on the 18K as « Fell like you’re drinking luxury without spending a fortune with Sensi’s popular 18K Gold Prosecco bottling ». The quality of the content and the appeal of the bottle are the keys to the success of 18K which brilliantly interpret the Italian wine making tradition and the charm of the contemporary lifestyle, enhancing the values of elegance and prestige.

Prosecco sales are currenly surpassing all other sparkling wine sales as confirmed by Ismea and the International Wine and Spirit Research: 2017 was the year of bubbles, 2018 will be bubbling even more!

Iswr data showed a 20% increase in Prosecco consumption in Italy and 6% abroad, while sparkling wine increased by 8.4%.
The Prosecco growth in demand is expected to continue. The main markets will be Italy, the United Kingdom and the United States, all predicted to register a growth of an additional million boxes by 2020.

In Italy, this trend is growing. In fact, many protection consortia are amending production regulations, increasing the variety of types for those who already produce sparkling wines and offering the possibility to wineries to package sparkling wines even in non « traditional » areas.

« Undoubtedly, Prosecco acted and is acting as a driving force for a wide range of Italian sparkling wines, » said Giuseppe Martelli, Chairman of the National Wine Committee. « Moreover, the operation launched in 2009, after a few years of consolidation, started to achieve success after success until it reached more than half a billion bottles sold in 2016, counting both Doc and Docg wines. A success that many would like to ride. And, in fact, for some time several denominations are considering to include sparkling wine in their specifications ».

Also the Ismea data show that the Prosecco sector has high volumes and competitive prices. With the increase in volumes produced in 2016 and a price (at least for this year) increased by 16%, Prosecco became the Italian reference point with a value of 750 million Euros, almost twice the value of last year.

Sensi Vini offers a full line of sparkling wine: 18K brut and rosé, just renewed in its packaging made even more glamorous and trendy combined with a product of great quality. Massimo Sensi tells « it is a product prepared with care all the way to the smallest detail both at the production level and at the organoleptic one, thanks to the origin of the grapes strictly controlled in their traceability from the production stage. » He then concludes, « The result is a product line that in a few years achieved first place in international visibility and is growing in popularity every day, a sign of a clear appreciation of our brand ». – Ismea

Sensi Prosecco brut 18K

Art and wine: the artistic style of Testardo and the sparkling-glamour allure of 18K

Testardo goes on stage and becomes protagonist, a canvas for the artist Ixie Darkonn on display from December 6 to January 9 in Rome at the Parione9 Gallery. On December 5, 2017, at the Parione9 Gallery, took place the preview reserved for the press of the « Homeberries » exhibition: the one-man expo by Ixie Darkonn, part of the first edition of the project dedicated to wine and art « I Dreamk it: l drink it + l dream it ».

Sensi Vini, which actively supports art in all its forms, was happy to support the interesting « I Dreamk it – I drink it + I dream it » project, conceived by artist Darkonn in cooperation with Wine Hunter Livia Belardelliand Flavour-coach, the wine and food communication and marketing agency.

During the pre-vernissage, organized exclusively for the press on December 5, for this first edition of « I Dreamk it », a limited edition of the Testardo IGT Sangiovese-Cabernet by SENSI VINI, winner of several awards such as IWC 2015, BERLINER WINE TROPHY 2015, KOREAWINE CHALLENGE 2008, and MUNDUS VINI 2007 was presented for the first time. « I Dreamk it » is a format, an exhibition that sees art on the bottle and wine in the gallery. Every year, internationally renown artists, invited by Darkonn, will be protagonists of subsequent editions together with the labels of the best Italian wines, selected by Livia Belardelli, who would start from here to travel around the world, and Sensi Vini had the pleasure of inaugurating the first of many cooperations between wine and art.

Sensi etichetta Testardo edizione limitata

The « fairytale » like label of Testardo, the multi-award winning wine by Sensi Vini in a « limited edition » version, numbered and custom designed by Ixie Darkonn for his « Solo Show »

In the evening, the new look of the 18K was introduced: the sparkling line by Sensi Vini. The Prosecco brut Doc and rosé sparkling wine produced with Pinot Noir grapes were very much appreciated by attending journalists, who appreciated the young and modern packaging but above all the quality of the sparkling wine.

18K evento

More than forty works by the artist on wood and paper dedicated to his « search for home » are on display at the Homeberries exhibition.

Ixie Darkonn’s homes, wrapped in a fairytale and surreal atmosphere are: « That confusion between returning and leaving when you feel you’re leaving behind a piece of home wherever you go. Home for me is where words alleviate the hunger for life. Where each vibration corresponds to an echo. To each call, an answer. To each hesitation, an encouragement. I think we are complete people only when we make room for the point of view of those who are next to us. My homes have only one eye…. Because the other is the one the rest of the world gives them. That is why they combine and blend harmoniously with their surroundings while maintaining their identity. Home is us. Home is kindness. Nothing else but that. The search for home is the search for that loving soul that makes a bush of thorns sweet… like a berry ».

Ixie Darkonn mostra

The exhibition is open to everybody! If you are in Rome, we are waiting for you, otherwise you will find all the info and news on our Sensi Vigne e Vini Facebook page. Parione9 Gallery _ Via di Parione 9


Sparkling wines for the holidays

It’s time to celebrate and therefore it’s time for sparkling wines. It is an indisputable tradition, an inevitable custom that makes the sales of sparkling wine increase at Christmas time. For many companies, the Christmas holidays are still the most important time to sell their products. On the other hand, the sparkling wine/holiday combo never seams to fade and, on the contrary, with greater awareness and culture in the field of wine, in this period people uncork more bottles and drink better.

But what do you have to know to get ready for the appointment with sparkling wine? Here are some features to be remembered and some interesting facts.

Meanwhile, if one wants to drink Italian wines, the classic triangle of sparkling wines remains the Prosecco area, Franciacorta and Trento area. All characterized by excellence, but born in very different areas. In the Prosecco area, which includes part of Veneto and Friuli, particularly in the areas of Asolo, Conegliano, Valdobbiadene and Treviso, the method used is that of re-fermentation in autoclave, called Martinotti-Charmat, with a limited stay of the wine on the yeasts, which can range from one to three months. The result is a product that tends to be more fruity and floral, with primary scents and able to accurately translate the effects of the place where it was originated. A more drinkable sparkling wine, which often brings the scent of pears, apples and aromatic herbs, in most cases with a sugar residue higher than other types, is usually found in the brut version and in the even sweeter extra dry version (which is not dry at all).

In Franciacorta and Trento Doc, instead, the method used is the classic one, that is the method of re-fermentation in bottle in which the yeasts remain in contact with the wine for a longer period, ranging from 18 months to several years. The result is a bouquet with less primary scents, more marked by hints of yeasts and bread crust, ripe fruit and more « evolutionary » feelings. Franciacorta, in addition to preferring chardonnay grapes in its cuvée, produced the sparkling wine also in a creamier and softer version, called Saten, while in Trentino the will of many producers leads to non-dosed, sharp and vertical products.

The great variety of sparkling wines we have in Italy, without considering champagne and crémant, already allows drinking the sparkling wine across an entire meal menu, without relegating the sparkling wine to the appetizer or, even worse, to dessert. That is why, speaking of pairing, nothing more mortifying for a good sparkling wine of these areas is the pairing with desserts. It is a cultural heritage that we have been carrying on for generations, but today that the sugar residue of champagne/sparkling wine has been diminishing, it would be enough to choose a sweet sparkling wine, an Asti for example, or in general a product that shows on the label the words dry, demi-sec or doux. For everything else, however, the pairing with brut and extra brut are not lacking. Here’s a few: from fried vegetables to vegetable starters with a good Prosecco; from buffalo mozzarella to smoked salmon with a brut rosé from the Trento area; from shellfish to a pie of scampi and potatoes with a Franciacorta brut, to risotto with porcini mushrooms with a vintage black pinot.

Sensi bollicine feste


Wine is not just wine. It’s like you. This is the motto of the new sparkle line, with recent restyling by Sensi. Exuberant in its look and strong in its personality to interpret glamor and lifestyle, for a modern and vital lifestyle.

« I would say that we started this adventure because, in tune with my passion for glam-rock I wanted to develop a wine that could create a new interest, not tied to the traditional notions of denomination/territory/vine, trying to approach wine consumers in a more transversal way, with references to music, fashion and transgression ».

18k Prosecco – Prosecco Treviso Doc
Glera 100%. Clean and elegant to the nose, with pleasant hints of fruit, pears, apples, and aromatic herbs. At the palate it has verve and freshness, fine bubbles and good body. It closes with a fruity and enveloping finish.

18k Pinot Noir Rosé
Pinot noir 100%. Beautiful antique pink color. Elegant to the nose, with pleasant floral notes that return to the palate together with pleasant freshness, good body and great balance.

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