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Pairing with art

Wine is culture, and so, together with the classic food pairings, Senisi started a journey linked to art, since it believes that a pairing between art and wine can be as effective as the most suitable food and wine pairings. This is how Sensi d’Arte was born, a project that aims at bringing the Sensi and Fattoria di Calappiano’s wines closer to the works of the most talented artists in Italy.
For its debut, Sensi d’Arte chose the Divenire exhibition, a group of artists who presented their works in the Galleria T24 Spazio Arte in Rome where the Heraclithean drift of becoming is translated into the grammar of works of art that remind and evoke the idea of fluidity.
The masterpiece of the exhibition is the artwork by Andrea Pinchi where a stylized and symbolic representation of a creature of the abyss is nested into the urban concrete: the accumulation of paint and texture refers to the liquid society, with its omnivorous cultural consumption, in which the figure of the artist, too often stigmatized, perpetually needs to move by breaking the rules.
And the Urban Squid of the artist, led by the desire to find unpolluted water and a return to its origins pairs with the “green” wines by Sensi which embraces the concept of becoming, of returning to the origins and purity of wine through a return to the past that does not reject science and technology – but only technological intrusiveness – and that, on the contrary, through technological innovations leads to a healthier and more sustainable wine.

Sensi D’Arte on tour in Italy!
Next events with Sensi Vini and Art:
July 6th – Vernissage of Marco Nereo Rotelli exhibition “Poetry: a glass garden” – Ca’ Sagredo Hotel, Venice.
July 20th – Vernissage of Marco Nereo Rotelli exhibition – Bel Air Fine Art, Forte dei Marmi, Lucca.


Tua Rosa (wine) Tuscan Allure: Lively freshness and the scent of rose

We would like to tell you a tale… While walking in our rose garden in Vinci in the garden of the Fattoria di Calappiano, an ancient Medici residence now owned by the family, the inspiration for a new project was born…

Fattoria di Calappiano is called “Villa degli Inglesi” (Villa of the Englishmen) because the property was purchased in the mid-nineteenth century by Henry Savage Landor, grandson of the poet and cultured man Walter Savage Landor, biographer of Shakespeare and great friend of Dickens. Henry was a painter, explorer, writer and anthropologist. Inside the Fattoria there are ancient findings and mementos of his many trips, while many varieties of roses grow in the garden including one, the oldest and most fragrant, brought back by Henry from a trip to the coast of England. It seems that it is this ancient rose that the famous English poet William Landor, Henry’s grandfather, dedicated to Elfrida Mangioni of Florence, asking her to marry him.

Last year, pink wine overcame many obstacles and prejudices and consumption forecasts are positive. So, riding the current trends and in love with this romantic story, we wanted to bring freshness and liveliness in the most colorful months of the year with the new “Tua Rosa” pink wine, to enclose in a bottle the scents and flavors of the past with a contemporary touch and glamor. Ideal for long aperitifs at sunset, on a boat, on the beach, in the countryside, in short, to live unique moments in the most carefree period of the year or just to feel like on holiday!

Sensi Tua Rosa Tuscan Allure

Celebrating 500 years of Leonardo da Vinci and Collegonzi, the feather in the cap of Fattoria di Calappiano

We wish to say a few words about the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci: For this special occasion, we would like to pair our best wine by Fattoria di Calappiano, Collegonzi Sangiovese, with the famous “genius” born and grew in Vinci, where the precious vineyards from which this wine is produced are located. The farm is located in the production area of Montalbano, among the provinces of Florence, Prato and Pistoia. Leonardo Da Vinci was born here and, on these hills, he used to walk telling the story, in its Leicester Codex, of a territory rich in shells, the “nichi”, capable of impressing elegance on wines. The soil is mainly clayey, rich in shells and minerals, precious characteristics for a quality wine. The choice of the bottle, which is important and features a sealing wax cap, wishes to celebrate a particular product in every detail, which this year we are dedicating to the “genius” of Leonardo da Vinci.

Collegonzi Toscana Igt Sangiovese

Tua Rosa

Toscana Rosato IGT

Made from Sangiovese grapes. It is refined in steel barrels. Its color is powder pink and its fragrance is of fruit and flowers, grapefruit, rose, citrus and aromatic herbs. To the palate it is fresh and aromatic, refined and enveloping at the same time. It ends with enveloping hints of peach, plum and currant. To be paired with shellfish, seafood and fried fish.

Classica TuaRosa

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